Conservation and Restoration Treatments


Mary Bustin Conservation restores paintings of all periods: from medieval panel paintings to modern acrylics on canvas. Our specialist area is the treatment of modern paintings.
Mixed media paintings on unusual supports are a particular interest. For these, we collaborate with scientists, sculpture, paper and frame conservators to find best solutions to often novel problems.
Treatments range from cleaning, consolidation of flaking paint, filling and retouching losses and scratches to the repair of torn canvases and split panels and more.  Please call us to find out more.
Our work is to the highest standard. We seek best solutions to problems by protecting the essence or concept of the painting in a holistic approach. Treatment decisions are based on knowledge of the behaviour of artists' materials coupled with background research into their aims and techniques including interviewing the artist where possible.
Preventive measures designed to protect your painting into the future are a key part of a treatment.
All treatments are documented in a written report with digital images, including a list of materials used. High resolution photographs are available on request.  Professional Museum Photography is provided at cost.
Materials are chosen for their stability and reversibility from a range of well-tested conservation grade alternatives.

We can arrange for the conservation of frames by specialist frame conservators as part of the treatment. If a new frame is required, we facilitate the commissioning of new frames from a frame maker experienced in providing museum-quality framing. Painting and frame are re-united at the end of treatment and returned ready to hang.

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