Collection Care

Caring for a collection is easier when the condition of artworks is known.

Our condition reports are used to clarify the condition of a painting before it is acquired, document the physical structure before and after loan to exhibition, and to add detail to surveys of collections to help collection management plans.


Condition reports

For potential acquisitions: Summary of the structure and condition of a painting with digital snapshots and future cost implications.

For loans: Condition recorded in a written report with annotated photographs. Used to meet government indemnity requirements and to document the condition of a painting lent to exhibition in the UK and overseas

Exhibition Conservation Support

We are experienced in International touring exhibitions and small focus displays. We offer a keen eye and cost-efficient and timely expertise that can include:

Documentation of condition and review at the end of the journey

Stabilisation of artworks on site

Courier duties to accompany artworks in transit

Advice on the care of art works on display, specifications for packing, and advice on light levels and environmental protection for paintings

Condition Surveys

Our surveys of the condition of paintings in a collection are used for a variety of purposes from budget planning for exhibitions to gathering data for collection management plans.

Surveys can be of a small number of paintings or a whole collection.

Assessments include identifying paintings in urgent need of treatment and preventive measures to help upgrade their protection in the long term, whether while on display or in storage. 

Our documentation ranges from individual reports to spreadsheets according to your needs.

For an informal discussion about how we might help, please call or email us.

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